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Graphics Library

Open Source Graphic LCD Software

Open Source Graphics Libraries
Microchip The Graphics Library is very good. It better than you would get if you bought Ramtec! The only problem is that the LCDs are hard to find. Here are supported drivers.

LCD Module Drivers
  • Densitron: HIT1270
  • LG: LGDP4531
  • Renesas: R61505
  • Orise Tech: SPFD5408A
  • Samsung: S6D0129, S6D0139
  • Sino Wealth: SH1101A
  • Solomon Systech: SSD1339, SSD1303
External LCD Controllers
  • Solomon Systech: SSD1905, SSD1906
  • Solomon Systech: SSD1926
  • Sitronix ST7529
TechToys These guys have great stuff. Its cheap and its good. They also have a development board for their LCDs and they wrote drivers for the Microchip Graphics Library. Here are additional drivers.

External LCD Controllers
  • Ilitek: ILI9325
  • Solomon Systech: SSD1928