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Open Source RTOS

Open Source Real Time Operating Systems FreeRTOS is a Open Source mini Real Time Kernel. This RTOS is the quality that you would expect from RTOS's that cost thousands. For $35 you can buy the documentation. Our staff recommends that documentation, it is very well written.
PICOS18 The website states that PICOS18, an operating system based on OSEK/VDX, is an open industry standard. The OSEK standard is well suited for the low computing, power, small memory embedded controllers used in automotive or robotic applications.
eCOS This has not been ported yet. Keep an eye on this but we need more memory in the PIC32.
uClinux This has not been ported yet. I post this to keep an so we can continue to keep moving in this direction.  The RAM needed is around 2MB.  We have a ways to go.