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Open Source Development Tools

Open Source IDE Projects
PiKdev PiKdev runs on Linux and is a simple graphic IDE for the development of PIC-based applications. It currently supports assembly language. Non Open Source C language (Currently free 1/22/07) is also supported for PIC 18 devices. PiKdev is developed in C++ under Linux and is based on the KDE environment.
PikLab Piklab is an integrated development environment (IDE) for applications based on Microchip PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers similar to the MPLAB environment. It integrates with several compiler and assembler toolchains (like gputils, sdcc, c18) and with the GPSim simulator. It supports the most common programmers (serial, parallel, ICD2, Pickit2, PicStart+), the ICD2 debugger, and several bootloaders (Tiny, Pickit2, and Picdem).
KTechLab Ktechlab is a free IDE for programming PIC Microcontroller. It allows one to write the program in C, Assembly, Microbe (a BASIC-like language) and using FlowChart Method.
MPLAB Although this is not open source it is free. MPLAB is native to windows and is now working in Linux under the WINE project.